Wait, Don't Rush and Self-Control


Wait, Don't Rush and Self-Control

clock-623170_640In this season of my life, the chaos that comes with change produces anxiety. As we had been waiting for escrow to close on the "house of my dreams," I began to become anxious, naturally for very good reasons. Our real estate transaction had hit a block wall from the beginning. Through songs, scripture, and the Holy Spirit whispers, I received those three comforts: Wait, Don't Rush, and Self-Control.

How could I obey? We needed a house so Elly's could be sold to pay for her senior living! We had to hurry, we weren't finding homes in our price range -- they were selling before we could see them! We weren't going to have friends to help us move if we waited because schedules were getting busy! Waiting meant getting time off from work would be more difficult. I did obey. I worked at breathing, packing, and believing this would end successfully, being the blessing we had hoped for! It was a very long and tough road with unprofessionalism, disappointments, frustrations, anger and feelings of hopelessness. I worked hard to keep those words of advice in my heart, mind, soul and lips!

We are so blessed. We've never had such a nice house (or such a large house payment) but we've worked hard to make sure we didn't push. I have been exhausted like never before still trying to get Elly's house sorted, packed and cleaned -- doing the same with our things and the new house. We have been busy at work, both Awesome Hubby and me have our busiest season this semester. In the midst of all this, even though I haven't been checking in regularly, our caregiving has continued its ups and downs. We didn't even have internet for two weeks and I definitely missed you all!

Elly has adjusted nicely to her apartment and is getting to the dining room for her meals. I usually go on Friday night and have dinner with her. I set up her pill box for the next week, refilling any RX's that are low. NurseySis comes and does her laundry once a week. Helping Elly to write her checks has become quite a process. Sometimes she lets me do it then signs. She misplaces it more now than ever and calls me as early as 6:30 a.m. or just five minutes after I have left her to ask where her checkbook is. It is time to take it home with me -- next project! Elly has trouble remembering that we've moved and sold our old house. She understands most of the time that her house is empty and is concerned but there's no remedy for that until it's sold. Elly had her first "emergency."She literally rolled out of bed really early on a Saturday morning. We got the call from the manager that they got her up -- please check on her later. She couldn't reach the call cord but banged her cane on the wall until someone came to her door and got the manager. She giggled telling me the story so she wasn't terribly embarrassed!

We have a dear friend from church who had major back surgery out of town last week so we are preparing meals for her and her hubby as well as figuring out when I can just drop in a couple of times a week -- maybe coordinating with visiting Elly since they live close to each other. This dear friend just gave me her gift card to Massage Envy so I plan to make a date for a massage very, very soon!

We are thankful for those words of advice, it wasn't easy. Wait, Don't Rush and Self-Control.

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I am so happy about your new house!! It sounds like the castle you and AH deserve.\r\n\r\nI will remember your wise words: Wait. Don't rush. Self-control. :)\r\n\r\nAnd, I love Elly's determination to get help!


Thank so much for sharing this. I struggle with impatience alot myself. I wonder if maybe it's harder these days to exercise patience, willingness to wait, and self-control since those particular virtues seem very unpopular in our culture nowadays. Good thing we have a loving Father to lean on and learn from.


It is good to hear from you and that you landed your new home. It is good to hear you are all weathering the changes. Thank you for taking time to update us.


I'm so happy to hear you are pleased with your house and you have made just so much progress in cleaning and sorting out Elly's things. You have really accomplished alot in a short amount of time, by dogged determination and because of your focus on her best interest. I hope all your adjustments to your new house are brief and Elly continues to thrive in her space. It's all good.


Such a journey you and AH have had with Elly, and such a personal journey you continue to travel. I am pleased Elly has transitioned as well as she has. She is a hoot! So glad you have finally found \"your\" house, may your lives there be blessed with love and happiness! Keep plugging away at Elly's, here's hoping for a speedy sale when the time comes.