Waiting Game


Waiting Game

clock-95330_640I've been posting about my husbands anxiety. Well now it seems to be more than that.

Between his falling, confusion and not moving or functionally well... What to do, what to do.

After waiting to see what was going to happen next the decision finally came. Nursing home will be the answer.

I call the ambulance to go to the hospital so we can get the process going.

Well, it turns out to be more than all this. It turns out that my husband has a build-up of carbon monoxide/dioxide caused by not breathing. We're now waiting to see if the CPAP machine will clear this up.

So now we start the waiting game all over again. Wait, wait and wait again.

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Kaz, I hope it works out for you in the best way possible for your peace of mind.


(((Hugs))) and prayers for you both.