Waiting, Wishing, Trusting

Good morning all. I thought I’d provide an update on what’s going on in my Caregiving life.

My nephew is still here and my Mom is in hospital. I have to return to work tomorrow after a somewhat restful week off. Work is still shaky as my 36-month role is ending 22 months early. I am NOT going to worry about it though because I know it will be taken care of – I will be taken care of. I just need to follow direction.

In the hospital, my mom seems to have checked out. Aside from hollering out in what seems to be extreme discomfort or fear/anxiety, she says nothing. Even when her eyes are open she's not really there. She did say my name once yesterday which was an improvement. The nurse reports today she is resisting medicine which also indicates some type of improvement, as strange as that seems.

Part of me is trying to panic, thinking, oh God - this is it - she is giving up and has checked out. A much stronger part of me, however, is keeping me calm and helping to keep me on track. I still have my nephew here and we've been hanging out - although not able to do as much now that we are spending several hours of the day at the hospital and some time with grandpa at the nursing home every day.

Hopefully today we can take advantage of the fact that mom's well-being is secured (as much as it can be in a hospital) and do something fun. I have to return to work tomorrow and while my nephew will still be here, we'll only have that after work window for the remainder of his visit.

Blessings all.

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