Walgreens Can Help With Medicare Part D Costs


Walgreens Can Help With Medicare Part D Costs

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Banner_MedicareAs kids, my younger sister and I loved to ride our bikes to our local Walgreens, which had a candy aisle that made our eyes pop. When our older sister began working at the store as a cashier, well, we couldn't contain our excitement. More reasons than ever to visit Walgreens.

We saved our pennies for our trips to Walgreens. One trip, through, found us a penny short. Our cashier--our mortified sister--wouldn't give us a penny to cover the costs of our bubble gum. But the nice lady behind us in line did.

Our first lesson in the importance of a budget.

In caregiving, you know the importance of the pennies in your budget. Especially in the budget that buys your caree's much-needed medications.

According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, more than 31.5 million people enrolled in Medicare Part D in 2012. Recent research conducted by Walgreens found that 37% of Medicare Part D beneficiaries surveyed have daily concerns about their prescription drug costs. And, 20% of survey respondents said they’ve had to make sacrifices, such as delaying filling a prescription or skipping doses, to help manage medication costs.

Using a preferred network pharmacy, if offered by your caree's Part D plan, can potentially save your caree hundreds of dollars each year on prescription co-pay costs. Yet, only 21% of survey respondents switched to a pharmacy within their plan’s preferred network as a way to save; 24% are unaware of whether their plan offers a preferred pharmacy option.

Walgreens, part of the network of hundreds of Medicare prescription drug plans, participates in the preferred networks of four national Part D sponsors. Walgreens offers savings of up to 75% on prescription co-pays over select pharmacies for a number of plans in which it is a preferred pharmacy.

To help you choose the best prescription drug program for your caree, Walgreens launched You’re Worth Savings, an initiative that educates Medicare beneficiaries and their families about cost saving opportunities as well as how to get the most from their health plan.

To save on Medicare Part D costs, Walgreens suggests:

  1. Reviewing your caree's Medicare Part D plan

  2. Talking to a Walgreens pharmacist about cost concerns and ways you might be able to save

  3. Comparing Medicare Part D plans, looking at co-pay and other costs against your caree's current plan and pharmacy

You can learn whether Medicare Part D may be right for your caree here. And, you can schedule a Medicare Part D plan review appointment and get further information at www.walgreens.com/medicare.

Taking a closer look at your caree's Medicare Part D prescription plan is just like making every penny count. Make sure the prescription plan does just that--makes every penny count.

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