the-bucket-list-734593_640I want to be generous rather than cheap.

I want to be kind rather than mean.

I want to be a leader rather than a complaining follower.

I want to be respected rather than feared.

I want to be present rather regretful tomorrow.

I want to be accommodating rather than demanding.

I want to be proud rather than shameful.

I want to be active rather than passive.

I want to be mindful rather than dismissive.

I wanted to satisfied rather than jealous.

I want to sparkle rather than covered.

I want to laugh rather than pout.

I want to cry rather than avoid.

I want to be courageous rather than cowardly.

I want to enjoy rather than dread.

I want to be grateful rather than entitled.

I want to be focused rather than distracted.

I want to be accepted rather than judge.

I want to accept rather than judge.

I want to change rather than resist.

I want to ask rather than assume.

I want to believe rather than doubt.

I want to be loved for my heart and admired for my soul.

What about you? What do you want?

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