Wavering Faith


Wavering Faith

rocks-698998_640Last night in chat I got in to a fight with my tablet and mis-typed "spinal issues."

It auto corrected to "spiritual issues."

It was funny but it got us talking about spiritual issues we encounter in our caregiving  journeys. We end up questioning, at odds with and sometimes abandoning our spirituality.

Right now mine is wavering.

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I understand. I'm there, too. My spiritual faith pretty much flew out the window some years ago. It wasn't just caregiving, it was a combination of my own diagnosis of Parkinson's plus learning the biographies of two close friends who had experienced more trauma in their lives than is imaginable. I'm a mom and moms can imagine all sorts of tragedies. Job had nothing on these two. Hearing their stories made me question a lot.


Chris,\r\nGod's love is unconditional even when we go through rough patches.


Chris, when I find my spirituality wavering, I get back into bible study. Studying the word, bolsters my faith, thus my spirituality.


Dear Chris, I won't say I know just how you feel- no one can, really. But I can say, I have some idea of what you feel, because I'm in a similar place myself, right now. (((Hugs)))\r\nYou'll be OK, and so will I.

Lillie Fuller

that was a funny typo!!!