Ways to Take Care of Yourself

Ways to Take Care of Yourself

I'm so glad I found this community and others. For years, I have been the type of person that was always out and about. I got easily stressed out when I had to stay in the house for prolonged periods of time.

Because of caregiving responsibilities, I am in the house A LOT these days. So, my motto is "change is good" and I needed to put that to my personal use. I am finding activities and self care that I can do to make my life and my loved ones life enjoyable. I am reading blogs and listening to podcasts. Of course, I want to do more but I am glad that I am adapting in a constructive way.

I thank the good Lord for Social Media. I think it is a wonderful way to stay connected to family without being physically there. Also, it reminds me that there is a great big world and I am part of it!!! I'm glad I get to blog and vent and use this website's resources like the Happiness Project.

Well thank you for reading this and I hope you use some of my ideas when life seems really mundane. Don't forget the first person you should be caring for is yourself.

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I'm so glad you are blogging, Laura! When you can, please share more about your day and your caregiving situation. I'd love to learn more about the changes you are making so that you make self-care a priority for you, too.