We Are In It Now!


We Are In It Now!

pills_medicationWell it is day 3 of the first round of detox and it is hitting home.

Day 1 wasn't terrible, Day 2 there were just waves of intense pain on top of the constant agony but I noticed her 02 levels on room air were better than they have been in months. And, her mind seemed clearer!  We are thrilled!

And today is day three - there is a constant wave of pain and agony. Lots of moaning. Sweating as well.  We even threw in a hallucination just to add to the drama!  She isn't interested in drinking but I am asking her to sip on glucernas all day long.

As I was brushing out her hair we reconfirmed that this is the best thing, and by the end of the month we will be off this medication, and we are so excited for what the future has for us. I explained that her O2 levels were better and that I thought her brain appeared sharper. I am trying to encourage her with the improvements I am seeing. I am checking her vitals and recording them twice daily.

We have also decided to stop worrying about inconveniencing other people - I had to cancel an appointment today. I told her we are going to be a bit selfish and just worry solely about us for a change. We need to take care of us right now, the rest of the world can wait. Is that wrong?

I  just don't know that we have the energy to worry about everyone else and still have enough energy to take care of ourselves! I am praying days 4,5,6, and 7 will be easier than this. Then it starts all over again as we cut out two more pills starting on Monday again.

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It that's being selfish, then the world needs more selfishness! Hang in there, you're both doing great. Sending good thoughts your way.


Anyone who considers what you and your mom are doing as selfish is someone you can completely write off your Christmas list. It is the most brilliant and brave thing anyone can do. Hang in there.

Tracey Martin

thinking of you!

Lillie Fuller

Praying for the best!

Lillie Fuller

I'm all about canceling everyone else out! I do it myself!

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