We Are the Hopeful Tune


We Are the Hopeful Tune

Panelist from the Advocacy session: Amy Goyer, MaryAnne Sterling, Meagan Bates and Rachel Hiles.

(This is the eighth article in a series about the trends in caregiving experience that bubbled up during our Third Annual National Caregiving Conference or NCC18.)

On a regular basis, a visitor will comment on a blog post I published more than four years ago, “Caring for an Elderly Parent Will Kill You Faster Than Anything." The comments speak to how devastating a caregiving experience can be.

It became clear to me at our conference that we're working really hard so that the caregiving experience doesn't have to devastate. We're transforming the experience into one that gives us a business, a book, a podcast, a perspective, better health, a meaningful future.

We're advocating for better services and help so that we don't have to give up during a caregiving experience but instead can keep up. Because we show up at our national conference as presenters and panelists, we show that we can create a silver lining. Because we show up, we demonstrate that we can ask for and receive support and help, that we can organize a break for ourselves. Because we show up, we encourage others to find ways to say "yes" to opportunities rather than defaulting to "no." Because we show up, we become leaders who empower others to set boundaries so they, too, can show up with us.

The conference says to me that family caregivers and former family caregivers hunger for a chance. When they have a chance to heal, to connect, to guide, to present, to lead, to encourage, to empower, they will do what they can to show up. We're no longer satisfied watching from the audience. We're now expecting a seat on the stage.

We understand that a caregiving experience can really bring us down. We're banding together to ensure we bring each other up and along. We're not waiting for anyone else to get us going. We're putting together our orchestra with each other and for each other. We're changing the tune from sour to sweet. We're marching for change and for better.

We're here. It's happening. We're building a stage big enough for everyone. Join us.

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“I work with families facing very complex, difficult care-giving situations, and very much appreciate the sophistication and depth of all the presentations I attended,” shared a conference attendee. “Thanks so very much for this wonderful conference.”

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Rachel Hiles

Denise, at the conference you mentioned co-ops as one of the trends in the future of caregiving. I would *really* love some more information about this!!! Can you point me in a reputable direction?