We Break for Fall: How Will You Play Today?


We Break for Fall: How Will You Play Today?

TrippadorableIt’s Saturday and we end We Break for Fall! with a playful request: How will you play today?

Play a game, play your favorite music, play hookey from housework, play a great movie. Whatever you play, make sure it adds to your happiness.

Today’s the last chance to win. Share how you'll play in our comments section, below. We’ll choose a winner from those who post an answer to receive a #coffewithacaregiver mug filled with goodies.

I look forward to reading your comments!

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Lillie Fuller

I played today! Besides cleaning out my freezer I did little or nothing, I love cooking so I put a big pot of chicken tortilla soup in the crock pot, and ran to Walgreens for a couple of prescriptions. I spent the majority of the day reading, which I LOVE, and treated myself to an ice cream from the ice cream man! Yes, it's November and it was 73 degrees outside so I had ice cream!!


i have the urge to reach through the screen to play with that dog. --Wistful Sigh-- Since I can't, I'll just have to satisfy myself with (finishing up) reading this little YA book I borrowed. And, during a break, I got up, went outside, and tossed leaves into the air, watching them lazily fall (oh yes, I did...hehehehehe Twice! Wheeeeeeeeee!!).