We Break for Fall: How Will You Prepare for Your Future?


We Break for Fall: How Will You Prepare for Your Future?

autumn-456365_640I love this time of year--the trees flash amazing colors while the leaves color and cover the ground. When I walk, I can hear squirrels wading their ways through the leaves, gathering their food for the winter. They're getting ready for what's next.

So, today, I wonder: How will you prepare for your future?

Maybe you'll save what you can (see our A Dollar a Day campaign). Perhaps you'll take a class, online or in your community, to help you prepare to for the next phase of your career. Maybe you'll research the next phase of your caree's disease process so you'll be ready with the right help for both of you. You might start planning a trip you can take whenever you can.

Please share what you'll do today to get ready for your tomorrow. We’ll choose a daily winner from those who post an answer to receive a #coffewithacaregiver mug filled with goodies. For a chance to win, just post your answer each day in our comments section.

Congrats to @jbones1961 who yesterday's mug!

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I have just found out that Elly is thinking about moving into a \"Home\"! My future is always looking a little unsettled as we are renting our house somewhat successfully and know that at 94 years, Elly will be causing some changes in our future plans! My plan is to continue to downsize our possessions and NOT WORRY! Taking one day at a time knowing that planning for our future means living now without regrets! On the practical side, I am starting retirement investing at an accelerated rate!!