We Break for Winter: How Will You Melt?


We Break for Winter: How Will You Melt?

ice-cream-476361_640Where’s there winter, there’s snow. We shovel it, play in it, hope it arrives on December 24. We love it, until we have too much of it. Then, we want it to melt.

So, what in your life needs melting? Do you have a cold heart to a family member? Toward yourself about an incident or episode in your past? Do you need to melt so you’ll consider other possibilities because a current option no longer works?

Today, how will you melt?

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Lillie Fuller

I don't know how I will melt but I definitely have an attitude that I need to get rid of. The attitude is mostly aimed at my sister. I don't treat her bad or act stupid with her but there is a grudge inside of me that I need to let go. I don't know how to do that. The other attitude is toward my aunt, who is my mom's sister. Same story different day. I don't know how to melt it but I'm with PearLady, now I want icecream!


IDK, but now I want ice cream, D.


We Break for Winter: How Will You Melt?\r\nWhat needs melting? I don't have a Cold heart towards a family member or towards myself.\r\nI think kindness which seems to resonate with what we all long for is such a gentleness we also long for. As the snow melts, it waters the earth, and brings forth bud which causes everything to bursts into bloom. I am trying to illustrate how refreshing kindness would be from others as their words come forth from their mouths. I have to ask the Lord to fill my mouth with worthwhile stuff and to nudge me when I have said enough. It's not easy, but then again it really is not hard to say something pleasant. Kill them with Kindness.