We Break for Winter: How Will You Skate?


We Break for Winter: How Will You Skate?

skate-273122_640When we were kids, my younger sister and I spent just about every day after school during the winter months ice skating. Our town turned a local field in a park into what we consider heaven: A skating rink. Round and round we skated, oblivious to cold and the setting sun.

Looking back, I think: Skating is such an awesome skill; it’s like running on a thin blade across a slippery surface. It’s quit a balancing act.

Just like caregiving, one of life’s greatest balancing acts. So, today, take some time to consider what you’ll change or learn or adjust so that you can glide through your day as best you can. Perhaps you will let go of an unrealistic expectation, move past a hurt that ruins your day or adjust a schedule so you have some time for yourself.

So, today, how will you skate?

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We Break for Winter: How will you Skate?\r\n I don't really know how to ice skate, but I do know how to roller skate a lttle. When there is an inconsiderate family member who doesn't care if he wakes everyone up in the house, just because he's up at 6:30 a.m. he thinks everyone needs to be up at the same time he is. WRONG! I sleep in the recliner in the living room with Mom (MIL) since her hospital bed is in the living room so I can keep an ear out for her in case she needs anything. It's a hurt that ruins my day. How am I going to skate on past this? I thought about wearing earplugs, but then I won't be able to hear Mom. The only other thing I can continue to do is take a nap in the afternoon. I always feel guilty about taking a nap, but I am reassured not to feel guilty because I need the rest. I need to look out after myself as well. My husband sits with Mom (MIL) while I take a nap. I probably need to take more time in trying to figure out how to adjust so that I can just glide through my day. When anyone says anything to the inconsiderate person, he takes it the wrong way and gets angry at everyone.


I'm going to skate over our morning routine. I get upset to myself that Grandma has thrown her blanket off, taken her pajama off or taken her diaper off. I will let go of the expectation that the morning routine will change.