We Break to Disrupt on Facebook

We’re continuing our campaign to disrupt today as we enjoy a special week of activities. This week, we’ll break to disrupt our life, our day, another family caregiver’s day and our community.

Today, we’re breaking to disrupt to on Facebook by sharing a gratitude for family caregivers.

Whenever you can today, share an update on your Facebook page that expresses thanks for all family caregivers. Your update could look like this:

I care for my (insert information about your caree). It's been one of the toughest experiences in my life. And, yet, I have moments and days that make me forget the tough times. Today, I'm giving thanks for all the others like me in the world, who get up every day and make a difference in their families and in their communities. I'm so grateful to be in your company! And, if you're caring for a family member, join me at Caregiving.com where we share stories, support and solutions.

Once you share your update, let us know in our comments section. Please feel free to share the update you wrote. You'll have a chance to win our daily prize: A disrupt gift pack featuring our Disrupt t-shirt. Congrats to ejourneys, who won yesterday’s gift pack.

Today, let’s disrupt on Facebook.


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