We Break to Disrupt on Twitter

We’re continuing our campaign to disrupt today as we enjoy a special week of activities. This week, we’ll break to disrupt our life, our day, another family caregiver’s day and our community.

Today, we’re breaking to disrupt on Twitter by sharing your caregiving stories; use this hashtag: #icare. You can share your story in several tweets, which could look like this:

I began caring for my grandmother 10 years ago when she was diagnosed with cancer. We now live together. #icare

I help my grandmother with her personal care and oversee her medical care. I advocate on her behalf for quality care. #icare

The toughest time for me was when I couldn't find help in my community. I felt alone and isolated, stranded. #icare

I have support now, through family and friends and online. I am so grateful for the help and support I have which help me cope. #icare

The best thing I did was start a journal so that I could capture my days with my grandmother and express my worries and heartache. #icare

I recommend these resources for family caregivers: (insert recommended resources) #icare

We're telling our stories of care today. Tell yours, too! And, follow our stories with our hashtag: #icare.

If you'd like to read the stories other family caregivers tell today, just search our hashtag (#icare).

Once you share on Twitter, let us know in our comments section. Be sure to tell us what the experience is like for you.  After sharing in our comments section, you’ll have a chance to win our daily prize: A disrupt gift pack featuring our Disrupt t-shirt.

Today, let’s disrupt on Twitter.

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