We Break to Disrupt Our Life

We’re continuing our campaign to disrupt today as we kick off with a special week of activities. This week, we'll break to disrupt our life, our day, another family caregiver's day and our community.

Today, we're breaking to disrupt our life with forgiveness.

I think we all carry a regret or a shame. Maybe it's not something we think about every day or every week, but once in awhile, the memory comes up. And, we can feel that memory begin to control who we are. The memory haunts, belittles, controls. It's awful.

So, today, let's forgive ourselves for what we we wish we would have done differently or better or not at all. Let's disrupt our lives by being to kind to ourselves, by realizing we're doing the best we can and by letting a second chance, rather than a past regret, rule our day.

Here's mine: I'm going to forgive myself for the path of my life, which I'm doing the best to follow but sometimes wonder how I got to where I am. And, often, where I am seems to simply be revisiting where I was. So, I want to forgive myself for what hasn't worked in my life, for having to make difficult adjustments in order to be able to keep going, and for the hopes I have which have yet to materialize. Because I forgive myself, I can be in myself in the world and, most important, I can be in my life without apologies.

So, what will you forgive yourself for today? Please share in our comments section, below, for a chance to win our daily prize: A disrupt gift pack featuring our Disrupt t-shirt.

Today, let's let forgiveness change our life.


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