We Can Do This...


We Can Do This...

candle-535149_640Well, after many calls with doctors and searches on the internet, Mom and I have made a decision.

It seems she is headed into liver failure and in order to save her life, we need to get her off all of her pain meds. The doctors agree and want her off all meds, but it is up to us to detox. No facility is able to care for Mom while she detoxes so it is up to her and me. We have discussed it at length and feel ready to take this on. We know it will be very hard but we are prepared. We are clinging to God and His Word and I ask for prayers.

Neither of us have ever had to detox and we don't know anyone who has gone through this (except for reading all of the horror stories online) so it will be an adventure. Her one doctor seems almost afraid of RSD and of Mom and she really isn't being helpful. Her other doctor actually will talk to me and has given me a schedule of how to taper off the meds so we reduce the risk of seizures, heart attack, and stroke. We have already been able to eliminate two of her medications and now we are starting in on one of her pain meds. She has been on this medication since we think 1996 and on very high doses.

This week we are cutting out two pills a day so instead of eight of these pills a day, we are down to six. I was concerned about seizures but her good doctor said that isn't a huge concern right now. He wants us to cut out two more pills daily each week and be off of the meds completely come the end of the year. Then we will start on the next pain medication.

If all goes very well and we can keep to the schedule, I am thinking we can have her off all the meds by March. Maybe by then her liver will be looking better!

We need prayer!!! We feel very much alone in this. I am not a medical doctor or a nurse! Not sure I am qualified for this!

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Lillie Fuller

Look how far you've come since this first post. I had been wondering where the beginning of the detox was as I've read most of the other posts. I came across this today. I've been keeping you and your mom in prayer. You are an angel!


Prayers headed your way! In my eyes you are a true hero and superstar!!!\r\nYou mom is very lucky to have you!


Prayers for you both! It is such a scary place, the Unknown! I am so glad to hear there are many positives already! You are stronger than you believe and it will be such a wonderful experience to talk about once you are on the other side! Your mom is so blessed to have you. . . each hour, each day you are going through this with a stronger faith! Hurray for you both :)


I totally hear you on not feeling qualified but I think you've got a good plan in place. You are in my thoughts. Let us know how you are making out; we are here for you.


I am thinking of you both. You are both so very brave and tough to take this on. \r\nI cannot even begin to imagine the host of emotions you both must be feeling.\r\nPlease remember that you are not alone: we are here with you, supporting you every step of the way.\r\nTake it one day at a time, one moment at a time. I am praying for you.\r\nThese wise words have helped me to keep breathing when I felt like I was immobilized by the enormity of task before me. I hope they provide some comfort to you and your loved one:\r\n\r\n\"Everything will be okay in the end. \r\nIf it's not okay, it's not the end. \r\nLet your joy scream across the pain. \r\nThorns and stings and those such things just make stronger our angel wings.\r\nGod gave burdens, also shoulders. \r\nIf the wind will not serve, take to the oars. To me, every hour of the light\r\nand dark is a miracle.\" \r\n-Walt Whitman

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