We Crossed a Bridge


We Crossed a Bridge

bridge-901764_640Well, Rod was determined to work until March 4, the end of a pay period. The doctor told him he needed to go on disability when we were there on January 19.

He hit the wall today at work. He was setting up a piece of equipment, missed a step, could not get it right and got frustrated. Instead of his normal anger, he had a panic attack. I told him to come home. He got out to the parking lot and sat in the car trying to decide if he needed to call my son to come get him. He made it home okay, but today will be his last day at work.

I have sent his short-term disability forms to the doctor and his employer. We have begun our journey, we have crossed the bridge. The next step is the application for SSDI. Luckily, his diagnosis is a compassionate allowance diagnosis, so it should go through before his six months of short-term disability expires.

I am glad to have him home with me instead of me worrying all day if something was going to happen at work. This is a hard step for him. I think today brought the whole diagnosis home to him. He is sleeping now and I think he really feels the impact that FTD will have on his life going forward.

I hope I can carve a solid path for us on this side of the bridge.

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Sharon, I am, thinking of you and Rod this morning. So many emotions on so many levels. I hope the relief you are experiencing by having him home translates into new energy for all the new tasks ahead of you.


Oh Sharon, my heart goes out to you and Rod. I imagine that seeing the reality hit home for him makes you feel overwhelmingly sad and helpless in taking away his pain and fear. I applauded how you have been out in front of this FTD and the SSDI. It still just must just really be heartbreaking. Hugs.


This had to be very difficult for both of you - things just got \"real.\" He is so fortunate to have you by his side. I am so glad he is safe and I wish you the best as you move into this new chapter.


Yes Sharon you are doing a great job with your husband. Just think of this as just the next step of your journey together. I know you are glad to have him home so you can take care of his needs. Just keep coming here and you will get great support which is what every caregiver needs.

Lillie Fuller

I believe you are doing a wonderful job Sharon! You have jumped into this \"experience\" with both feet! Rod is lucky to have you on his side! I'm glad he is home with you and you won't have to worry about him. I'm praying for you all!