We Have Chat


We Have Chat

TweetchatOur chat is back!

We've got a new format which will work with any browser. I think we'll all find this chat much easier to use. You'll see the chat at the bottom of every page. I've created a chat room called "Lounge," which is where you can chat at any time. We'll have specific rooms for our daily chat, our new member chat and our group chats. The chat also includes games, which could mean more competitive game days are in our future.

We ran into problems with our other chat, which increased the load on the site's server. Each month, we have an allocation for our server usage and so far this month we've used up about 50% of the allocation. Last month, we went way over our allocation and incurred an unexpected big bill. As you know, we run on a really tight budget so I do my best to avoid these big bills. Our new chat includes a service that will take the load off our server, which hopefully will keep us within our budget. Once we get through August, I think we'll be home free with a 24/7 chat. I'll continue to monitor our usage for August.

We'll get back to our scheduled daily chats tomorrow (August 12); if we have to take days off from chats toward the end of the month to avoid going over our usage, I'll let you know.

Let me know what you think of our new chat!

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<a href='http://www.m40.siteground.biz/~caregiv6/members/ccforsure/' rel=\"nofollow\">@ccforsure</a> It's not available on iPad and other mobile devices yet. I hope we'll be able to add that ability very soon.


I don't think it is on the iPad, should it work with mobile devices? I can't find it anywhere on the bottom or side of the page. I will check on my Mac.


I really like the new chat feature. It's always on your screen as with the old one you had to be on the members page for it to show. Good work Denise!\r\nMaria


I think I am feeling like the village idiot. I don't see the chat room. Where is it?