We Just Ain't Normal


We Just Ain't Normal

TeresaandDeanI seem to be having most of the afternoon to myself. My daughter came and brought her dad to his podiatrist appointment, running a couple of errands for me on the way. It feels good to get some time to myself at home, with nothing pressing on the agenda, except my nap, which I just finished taking.

My husband Dean was inquiring this morning what I had to do today, and I told him the list was too long to recite. It boggles my mind, the things that must get completed around here. It feels good just to sit and reflect on this blog about it.

People just don't get it, why caregiving is so time-consuming. There was never a better title chosen that fits what a caregiver does as "The 36-Hour Day" (one of the most popular caregiving manuals, by the way--if you haven't seen it, it's well worth  the read, especially if you're dealing with dementia/stroke/brain injury of any kind).

An adult taking care of another adult feels like your responsibilities and duties are double. As spouses it feels like being a widow, but doubled. If I were widowed, it would be hard enough learning to care of myself and all the family business that goes with it, when my husband has always had his share of household and family responsibilities.

But with caregiving, I'm not only taking on my own care (which is what a widow experiences), but I'm taking on the care of my spouse as well. It just ain't normal.

And I guess that's the best title for this blog. We caregivers just ain't normal. I'll end here so I can have some more time to do nothing, which of course, doesn't feel normal either.

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Oh so true. I once went out to introduce myself to our new neighbor who was out for a stroll with her new baby. Part of the into included that we were living with my mother-in-law, that it was her home and that she was in Hospice. She said oh so sorry and it must be hard -- My response was a flippant \"oh, it's no big deal\". \r\n\r\nBy then we were so used to Hospice after our last several years. After cancer battles, Hospice and death for both father and father-in-law and my mother being in, then out of Hospice… and now my mother-in-law, it had really become a way of life! Later I realized she must have thought I was nuts.


Normal would be boring :-)