Webinar Follow-Up: How Will You Find Time in Your Day?


Webinar Follow-Up: How Will You Find Time in Your Day?

time-425811_640Yesterday, during our free monthly webinar, I shared 22 tips to find more time in your day. (Miss yesterday’s webinar? Watch the archive, Finding Time in Your Day.)

I’d love to know: Which tip will you use to find more time in your day? Share which one in our comments section, below.

(Did you know we’ve archived all the webinar we’ve broadcast since 2010? You can view the archive of our caregiving webinars by year.)


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I am so glad you enjoyed this webinar <a href='http://www.caregiving.com/members/michelle/' rel=\"nofollow\">@michelle</a>! You'll have to keep us posted on how the changes you want to make will affect your day.


You said something like \"Make things easier for yourself\" and \"Delegate\" My son has told me, for some time now, that it would be a good idea to have groceries delivered and not just when I have the flu or a broken ankle. He says if I had groceries delivered, when someone comes over to give me a break, I can actually go someplace other than the store.\n I said \" I like to actually look at the meat and I Iike to see any new products in the store and squeeze the fruit to see if it is nice and ripe\" . As if having food delivered would cause me to be banned from the store for life.\nNow,I think I will start having groceries delivered and drop in occasionally to see what's new, look at the meat, see the produce and especially squeeze the fruit.