Webinar Follow-Up: How Will You Make the Most of Your Time?


Webinar Follow-Up: How Will You Make the Most of Your Time?

keep-calm-dream--large-msgOur free webinar, Managing Your Time During Your Day and Your Life, took place yesterday. During the webinar, I shared tips on how to better use the time during your day and how to find time in your life for your life-long dreams. (Miss the webinar? No worries? You can enjoy the archive here.)

So, I’d love to know: How will you make the most of your time? What will you stop doing during your day and what will you start? And, most important, what's your dream? Please share in our comments section, below.

(And, our next webinar takes place in February. Register for "Telling Your Truth to Form Your Team" here.)

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Loved the webinar!\r\nEver since I was a kid, my dream has always involved creative pursuits. I maintain those in one way or another and have made adjustments as a caregiver. I get periods of what I call inflow and outflow, and I'm currently in an inflow period: more reading, more absorption. I enjoy the (relatively) quiet time in my life now. Same dream, different facets. :-)


Hi S=S--I'm so glad you enjoyed the webinar. You dream is terrific, especially because it's about making the most of what you have. I love that!! It's a very wise way to make the most of your time.