Website Update


Website Update

aaargh_colorSo, here's the good news:

Our chat is fixed!

Here's the bad news:

We keep going down.

The website started going down and up yesterday afternoon. It's been a rough few weeks since I made move to a different hosting service. This is the worst down time I've had with the website since launching about 18 years ago. It's incredibly frustrating.

I'm working on fixing and will keep you posted. I soooo appreciate your patience.

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We will hang in there with you! I second what EG said. :-)


Thank you so much, EG. I'm trying and trying and trying! I was close a few hours ago but ran into more problems.


Aww, Denise, it is so frustrating!! Hang in there, we will just keep trying in between the ups and downs. This is just what caregiving is like every hour of every day, we have the ups and downs!! I love how much you care for us and provide the best possible place for us to share with one another. (((HUGS)))