We'd Love Your Support


We'd Love Your Support

As you consider year-end donations to help the organizations that help you, I hope you will consider a $5 donation to our non-profit, The Center for Family Caregivers.

With your support, we can continue our work which includes:

  • Caregiving.com, a place to share, support and receive through our blogs posts, podcasts and video chats. Since our debut in 1996, the website has made this the place to tell your caregiving stories, which means the website houses the largest library of caregiving stories on the Internet.

  • Daily chats on Caregiving.com for anyone who currently cares or previously cared for family members. Our chats are virtual kitchen tables where we gather to talk about our days, our worries and to collect the strength to continue.

  • A 36-hour chat over Christmas which means anyone who needs company between Noon on Christmas Eve and Midnight on Christmas Day can connect with a volunteer in our Caregiving chatroom. We have volunteers who man the chat throughout the entire 36 hours. 2017 marks our fifth year of holding this very special tradition.

  • The National Caregiving Conference, which just concluded earlier this month. Our conference features presentations and panel discussions from those who currently care and those who previously cared. At our conference, we're the experts, just like in our every day experiences. "Phenomenal" is how one attendee described this year's conference to me.

  • Our CareGifters program which sends $500 to a family caregiver in need. To date, we've helped 26 family caregivers so they could buy food, pay rent and hire help.

It does take a village to support family caregivers and former family caregivers. I'm the sole employee which means I manage the website technology, content, contests and special events. I also manage the social media accounts and our weekly chats on Twitter. With help from volunteers, I can offer our daily chats and our yearly conference.

Because of your financial support, the work continues. We so appreciate your tax-deductible donation to The Center for Family Caregivers, my non-profit organization. Any amount you can donate (even $5) will help us continue our work. And, please feel free to give today. We are grateful for you!

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Yes, \"It does take a village to support family caregivers and former family caregivers.\" You have given us all so much Denise, in so many different ways. You are one of the most generous, caring persons I know!\r\nThe bookkeeper in me got to doing the math....there are 2,505 members in the community...if each member could manage just $5 that would bring generate $12,525 in donations to support your awesome misson to family caregivers.