Week One of No Meds


Week One of No Meds

light-115392_640PURE TORTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poor Mom has suffered SO much this past week as she is no longer on any pain meds. The withdrawal symptoms have been SO VERY SEVERE!!! Neither of us is really sleeping and early this morning (2 a.m. ish) was the worst yet. We were both in tears, I wasn't sure if I should take her to the ER, she refuses to go, I call the nurse and she says I need to have her seen, but Mom still refuses to go. I just prayed over her in tears and did all I could to comfort her.

We had never experienced panic attacks, but now we know what they are all about--and they are AWFUL!!! Her six-week migraine is getting worse and worse and even two hours of massage isn't touching it. I am trying all sorts of home remedies to no avail. I even made her ginger tea this morning (2 a.m.) and that made her so ill. I can't even do that right!

I think we both fell asleep around sunrise for a few scattered minutes. I was so scared, not sure if she would be alive when I woke up, all I could do was commit her into Jesus' hands and rest in Him. I woke up several times just to check and see if she was still breathing.

Today I had been invited to a lady's potluck just down the road but I had to cancel. The last time I was outside the house was on Wednesday--and only to take the garbage barrel out. My neighbor brought it back as I was unable to take five minutes to go and fetch it! I almost forget there are other people and life outside our home!!!

Today her head is a bit better, and no panic attacks so far. She ate twice for me today which is good (one more time than I was able to eat today) and I just finished giving her a little massage and I have an ice bag on her head. I am keeping the house dark and silent as even a bit of light is excruciating as is any bit of noise. Even smells are triggering her! The RSD fire has gotten 10 times hotter--she didn't know it could get any hotter but lo and behold, it can!  The fire is now on the insides of her nose and throat along with her entire body--inside and out. The torture never ends!

No one knows how long these withdrawal symptoms will last. And that is the hardest thing because she wants a time frame, something to look forward to as she watches the clock. All I can say is soon. We have cried together so much these past 4 1/2 weeks. We haven't been able to laugh in almost a week--which NEVER happens. All I can do is pray over her and do what comes naturally. I don't know what else to do!

I have talked with several nurses to ask what else I can do and they think I am doing everything I can. That brings little comfort as I am watching Mom writhe in pain and agony and I am helpless to fix it, to take it away. It is the most gut-wrenching thing to watch! I am praying that next week is better!!

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Tracey Martin

I wish we had a hug button. Close your eyes and imagine one coming your way.


Oh, LH, I so hope today is better!\r\n\r\nI love the suggestions from <a href='http://www.caregiving.com/members/hansolosslavegirl/' rel=\"nofollow\">@hansolosslavegirl</a>. Focus on the improvements, no matter how small. Every day will getter. Every day is better.\r\n\r\nThanks so much for keeping us posted. I'm thinking of you both!!


Thank you for taking the time away from your attention to the most important job you could ever have, and giving us an update. My heart aches with you to hear about your mom's pain, and yours, too, while you feel helpless. You are both so brave. I hope the slight improvement you saw yesterday continues, and especially she realizes it.


Make up a time frame. Do a little research and make one up...each day give her something to look forward to .... Like this part is better see? And tell her the worst is over, it's been a week so it IS. Say look, your able to eat, so that is better. It's been X amount of time since panic attack so that's better. Oh, look, we made it through this so each step will be a little bit easier. There will be set backs but each won't be as bad....it will get to the point of hills and valleys not MOUNTAINS and valleys. Make a HUGE deal of the little progress and downplay the difficult parts to her. Nothing is set in stone and if she ends up needing any medications it's NOT a failure..it's just part of her care. Every step forward is HUGE so make sure she knows what a big deal it is. I'm keeping you both in my prayers!