Weekend Is Almost Here


Weekend Is Almost Here

time-273857_640Well, it's Friday and it's been a tough week for everyone in this household. Because Mom is still unable to but any weight on her leg , my husband has to lift her from point A to point B. Luck for my hubby, Mom is very small, she weighs only  102 pounds soaking wet.

I finally have my voice back which is a good thing, hard to talk and tell people what's going on. My PA doctor  told me we needed help because it's too much stress on us, that's why I have lost my voice so many times. (If I am repeating what I said earlier this week, blame it on my chemo brain).

I have plans for a little busy weekend. All this was planned before Mom hurt herself last weekend. I am in Beta Sigma Phi, a womens non-profit international club or whatever you want to call it. I have been in it for 20 years now; my mom has been in it for "cough cough" 60 years. She joined with her roommate in the hospital when she gave birth to me. That's why I cough because I can't believe I am 60. Couple days ago, Mom said, You are turning 30 this year. That was her age when she had me. Mom turns 90 years old in September; we are going to have a big blow-out party for her.

As a caregiver you have your days, some good and some, well, not so good. Being a caregiver of a 89-year-old who was a nurse for almost 50 years, it sometime is will against will. Nurses are the worst to care for, but you keep going on.

I am going to tell you: I am not a writer but this is helping.

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Hi Janet! Glad to hear you have your voice back! Your writing is great, I know I am writing for myself but sharing it here. Do you have any Caregiver Resources in your town? I found an office in my area through the County Office of Aging or something like that. I have a month of respite help when I need it - like your Mom, Grandma is resistant to anyone coming in or helping her (even me sometimes)!


Hi Janet--I am soooo glad the blogging is helping! I think it's a relief to be able to write it out when often we feel we must hold it in.\r\n\r\nI hope the weekend went okay for all of you. \r\n\r\nAny thoughts of what more help looks like for you?