Welcome to Our New Members


Welcome to Our New Members

flowers-765757_640The best resource for you is another in a similar situation. So, to help you connect, please find our list of our newest members, below. Please feel free to send a private message or a public note as well as a friendship request. I think it helps our new members when they see familiar faces each time they visit the site.

You also can see when a new member joins on our Activity Stream; feel free to connect with the new member then, too. You can search for members in our Member Directory as well as display members based on newest registered, recently active, and alphabetical. Be sure to join our caregiving online support groups to connect with other members and use our Forums to ask questions and get help.

All new members are welcome to stop in and get to know each other on Saturdays at Noon ET (11 a.m. CT, 9 a.m. PT) for our New Members chat. (View our complete schedule of caregiving chats.)

Thanks so much for being here and for being such great resources to each other. (Not a member? Create your free Caregiving.com account and join us.)

Welcome to the following new members:

  • Tim, who cares for his wife and his son;

  • Shruti, who cares for two grandparents;

  • Ritz, who cares for her mother;

  • Deanna;

  • Katiey, who cares for her mother;

  • MsLunchClub, who cares for her spouse;

  • Shana, who cares for her father-in-law;

  • Ed, who cares for his wife;

  • Diane, who cares from a distance for her parents;

  • Colleen, who cares for her husband;

  • NobleLily, who care for her mom;

  • Barb, who cares for her mom.

Thanks so much for being here with us!

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Allison O'Brien

I would like to extend a warm welcome to Tim, Shruti, Ritz, Deanna, Katiey, MsLunchClub, Shana, Ed, Diane, Colleen, NobleLily, and Barb! You have all found a wonderful community of caregivers that offer support, understanding, and hope to each other!