Welcoming the Night


Welcoming the Night

sunset-122864_640My New Years resolution was that I would do some exercise every day. I have not done a good job of keeping that resolution, but I did go for a walk the evening before last and witnessed the most beautiful sunset. When I got back home, I was inspired to write:

A glass of buttermilk has spilled across the evening sky,
Reflecting the last vestiges of a light-drenched day.
The sun just slid off the canvas,
Leaving it marbled with hot pink, orange and purple.
Welcoming the night.

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You are not old enough to remember a song called \"Old Buttermilk Sky\" I think the clouds I was seeing that evening must have been the kind the writer had in mind.Thanks for writing, Jan.


I'm going to have to go out at sunset and look for that buttermilk, Michelle. That is such a fresh and unique image and description. Thanks for creating curiosity in the most common and unappreciated things.