balance-865828_640Your caree is not well.

You, as a result, aren't all that well, either.

It feels like the well--your bank account, your energy level, your resources--has run dry. You don't sleep well, you can't seem to cope very well and your diet, well, is all about Doritos and hot dogs.

It's just not going well.

And, you beat yourself up--for not making your caree better, for not handling the situation better, for not eating better and for, well, just not being better at all of this.


You're doing your best. Given all that's happened and all that you have to do and all that you overcome daily, you are doing well.

Really well.

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Yes, Denise. The person you are caring for is not doing so well and you wrack your brains wondering what you can do to 'make things better' Your guilt kicks in that you are not properly 'tuned in' to what will make your caree better but your logical brain steps in to tell you that there is just nothing left within you to offer better care. \nAnd your heart hurts that people who were once in the position you are 'at' now have simply moved on (rightly so!) into another phase of their lives which our logical brain tells us is exactly what they need to do. \nBut you just seem to keep on losing pals along the way as your own caree keeps on being a physical survivor and you just don't know how many more losses you can deal with as one after the other person just keeps on transitioning to another stage/phase in their lives (rightly so) but you just remain behind. Feeling like the kid in class who no one liked or wanted to talk to. It's tough. It's rough and it's super painful. But it is all part of this whole process we each walk......\nColette xoxo


Sounds right. Bed at midnight, up at 6, ate ice cream at 10 am.... But, I'm still doing. Thanks for this!