Well I Did It!


Well I Did It!

StrawberriesI wrote the neighbors and asked if someone would mind picking up a few groceries for me and two of the three offered!

My one neighbor went this morning and picked up $40 worth of groceries for us, so we are good for awhile again. Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to do this!

We are also going to hire someone to help with the gardens. I tell ya, the desert gets just a bit of water and it blooms to high heaven! I just can't go and pull weeds. On the up side, I dragged myself into the back garden this afternoon, harvested strawberries, checked on the peaches (we will get a bumped crop this year) and checked on the cherries. This is our first year that we will get cherries, we are SO excited! Our tomato and pepper are growing well and the potatoes are sprouting. I am so thankful that we are able to grow a bit of food. :)

Today I also gave Mom her IV fluids. Her veins were so pitifully small I had to stick her a couple of times before I was able to get in the vein. I felt so bad because I hurt her. :( We have again discussed having a port put in so she doesn't get stabbed three times a week but I don't want a port-- fear of infection and she can't go on antibiotics, plus it needs to be replaced every three months. And if she does accidentally rip it out, it is a nightmare (from what I have heard). So we will stick with this.

Prayerfully her colitis will resolve so that we can stop the IV treatments. Would you please pray that it stops soon? She has suffered with it since Aug 22nd! It is getting old fast. :( She is just so worn out with everything.

How do you encourage your caree when they are just worn thin with everything? And there is no end in sight?  The pills are never ending and the pain is unbearable?

I haven't been able to read the Bible to her for three weeks because I have no voice. We are both missing that.

Another reason for me to get better soon! Anyway, that is what is happening in our little world. Blessings to you all!

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I'm very glad you reached out to your friends and neighbors.\r\nWhen Grandma's feeling blue, I ask her to pull out her collection of old family photos, and tell me the old stories again. Just sharing memories- some happy, some funny, some poignant- takes her mind (and mine too) off the troubles and weariness of today.


Ditto LonestarBabs.....glad to hear you asked for help and had positive responses.\r\nAn idea for hearing the Bible, till you get your voice back: On my mini samsung galaxy I installed a free \"Daily Bible\" app.....its great cause you can press the \"play\" tab and it reads to you the daily verse and scripture passages.....we use it at the breakfast table. Will be holding your Mom in prayer (& you).