Well, Powerful Tools is an Appropriate Name


Well, Powerful Tools is an Appropriate Name

wellness-589770_640I went to my first Powerful Tools for Caregivers meeting last night.

Powerful is the correct word. They showed a little "film" about a woman caring for her husband, who would not accept help, had to give up long term hobbies and ended up dying before her caree. It was a powerful reminder of how important it is to TAKE CARE OF YOU!

It took me almost two years and a lot of stressful things happening for me to realize how monumental it is to have ME time. I still struggle with the guilt of it, at times, but I am so much better at letting that go and just doing it so I can live into the far future.

Lesson 1, make an action plan EVERY WEEK, of something YOU want to do. Say when you will do it, where, how long and the likelihood of you actually doing it (from 1-10). Example: I WILL read a book for 20 minutes a day every evening before bedtime and I WILL do it at least 3 days a week. See the WILL in caps. COMMIT to that time to do what YOU want to do daily!!

No one gives out medals for killing yourself while caring for another.

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Preach it, Sister.


Hurray!! This sounds great, Sharon.\r\n\r\nJust as an FYI: I have a care plan for the family caregiver that I publish every Thursday on the website. It's a signed commitment to actions that will help you each week.\r\n\r\nYou'll see them here: http://www.caregiving.com/articles/help/care-plans/\r\n\r\nLooking forward to hearing about your second class.