Well WHERE Do I Start?!


Well WHERE Do I Start?!

I feel like it's been forever since I've blogged. It has been a long time. I know we're all busy, some much busier than others. It's not that I've been busier, it just seems things have gotten more "chaotic" if you understand. Like I said, where do I start?

Okay, first I started my online classes for the fall semester in August; I chose three classes this time. All three online. Soon they were consuming my days. Let me rephrase, the math class was consuming my days. In this horrible (for better use of words) class called "Quantatative Literacy," I found out that is another name for insanely terrible word problems. That's all the class was. Every problem. In fact they were so detailed that one problem would take a minimum of one-page front and back to work if not more. Sometimes six problems were taking two or more hours. That's nuts. So not only was that making me want to bang my head against the wall, it was taking time away from the other two classes I signed up for--English and a Web Design class. Oh and let's not mention the time away from caregiving and Dad getting short changed, or me feeling like he was.

mistake-876597_640So, last week after I emailed my advisor and explained this to her, I ended up dropping the math class. She said she felt it was best and knows it will be offered again. I may even try to take it alone without other classes because I now know just how much work it takes. It does disappoint me, I really wanted to graduate in the spring. Now I won't be able to. But I have to do what I know I can do. I can't overextend myself for numerous reasons--Dad's quality of care, my health, my home. Need I go on? So, tomorrow when I get up I have a new schedule. I feel things will settle down for me. I did get the chance to escape for a day at the cabin last week. I enjoyed, it was nice. I'd love to go back another day this fall but we'll just have to see how it works out.

We've also had a scandal in town (yes, in our small town) that involved of all people, Dad's barber. We were very shocked as much of the community was to find out that he has been arrested and will not be getting out of jail regarding the charges brought against him. Let's just say there was more than "barberin"' going on in there. It's really been an embarrassment to the community. Everyone knows him, he went all over town cutting men's hair that were homebound like Dad, going to nursing homes, hospitals, etc.

So while searching for a new barber that we desperately needed, my hairdresser emailed me and I asked her if she would be able to help us. Thankfully she could. She loves Dad and he knows her well so it was good we didn't have to get someone he didn't know. He's already had his first appointment and I think he enjoyed her coming.

It just seems here lately I've been spinning my wheels a lot. Not getting everything I need done. I hate that feeling, you all know what I mean I'm sure. I've tried dropping in for chats, haven't been able to stay, tried to participate in recent activities and dropped out mid-way through. It's just not like me. I've also neglected my groups on Facebook. I just feel I need to find my focus again and once I have a clear head I'll be better. I think that class really overwhelmed me and once I get that out of my system and get used to this new schedule I'm getting ready to compose I'll be better. Let's hope so.

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My mind boggles at whatever degree you must be pursuing to require a class like that in math. Any conversation that includes the phrase \"word problems\" gives me nervous diarrhea. The only class I ever got a C in during my entire college career was Physics, which was one long miserable word problem. And I didn't have a life then, nor was a caregiver. My hat is off to you for trying it and to accepting, with regret, the outcome. I appreciate your persistence in re-thinking, re-evaluating, re-grouping, re-directing.


I am glad you found a moment to let us know how you are doing! You are number one Priority so keep up the good work! Sometimes the chaos helps us to identify our priorities too, especially in caregiving. I am so impressed that you continue to pursue your school goals in the midst of all this!


No matter what, do what is best for your peace of mind. Sometimes, especially when a caregiver, we bite off more than we can chew. There is no shame in admitting that. Keep up the good work.


I can totally relate to feeling overwhelmed by school. I only took three courses (rather than two) one semester and it was completely insane. I turned into a crazed banshee and my husband said never again lol.