We're Everyone


We're Everyone

(This is the fifth article in a series about the trends in caregiving experience that bubbled up during our Third Annual National Caregiving Conference.)

For as long as I can remember, I've been clarifying the misconception that I serve the "senior market." Certainly, I may connect with older adults who care for a family member. But I don't exclusively serve older adults. Anyone can be caring for a family member.

I'm in the caregiving space, which isn't about an age or a gender or an ethnicity. It's about the experience of caring for a family member with a chronic illness or disease. It includes everyone and is about everyone. This year, more than any other year, our conference showed that we are everyone.

Randa Abdelrahim presented, “The experiences of immigrant caregivers of color in the United States: A review of the literature on the impact of race, culture, and religion," to close out our first full day of sessions.

Ben Carter shared his journey of caring for his mom and joined other male family caregiver for a panel discussion.

Jenn Chan, who cared for her grandmother, shared how her caregiving experience impacted her career choices during a panel discussion.

Sharon Hall, who cares for her husband and her mother, shared her perspectives on caring for family members with dementia and caring for more than one family member.

The Millennials gathered for a group photo during our lunch break on Saturday.

The regulars of our weekly #carechat on Twitter connected for a group photo. (We chat every Tuesday at 1 p.m. ET -- join us!)

Bruce McIntyre, one of our Caregiving Visionary Award winners, brought his family, including his two teen-agers, to Chicago and to our Thursday evening reception. Amanda Singleton, also a Caregiving Visionary Award winner, also traveled to Chicago with her family (her husband and her young daughter), who also joined our Thursday evening reception.

Dr. Whitney Bailey, who kicked of our conference with opening remarks on Friday morning, brought her teen-age son. Saran Craig, who presented about her experiences working with family caregivers, enjoyed having her teen-age daughter in the audience.

Truly, we are everyone.

Those organizations and companies positioning the caregiving space as the senior space will miss the mark. They'll also miss out on the business and the opportunities to connect with an amazing, diverse, inspiring group spearheading a movement changing our communities.

Miss our Third Annual National Caregiving Conference? We recorded all our sessions so that you don’t miss any of the important conversation that occurred during our sessions.

“I work with families facing very complex, difficult care-giving situations, and very much appreciate the sophistication and depth of all the presentations I attended,” shared a conference attendee. “Thanks so very much for this wonderful conference.”

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