We're Everywhere


We're Everywhere

The exhibit area of our National Caregiving Conference.

(This is the fourth article in a series about the trends in caregiving experience that bubbled up during our Third Annual National Caregiving Conference.)

Just about a year ago I wrote a blog post called What If We Assume Everyone Is? about releasing the idea that family caregivers need to self-identify and instead just assume everyone is caring for a family member.

At this year's conference, we shared space in the hotel with an employee meeting for Curves, a company which operates a chain of fitness centers for women. Where there are Curves employees, there are individuals who care for a family member or friend.

Sure enough, some of the Curves employees noticed our exhibitors, which we position in the hallway, and began visiting their tables. Beth Suereth, a Certified Caregiving Consultant and owner of Caregiving Pathways, shared with me after the conference that one of the Curves employees started crying at her exhibit table and shared her caregiving experience.

Family caregivers are everywhere. When we put out products and services that speak to them, they'll self-identify.

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    • “I work with families facing very complex, difficult care-giving situations, and very much appreciate the sophistication and depth of all the presentations I attended,” shared a conference attendee. “Thanks so very much for this wonderful conference.”

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