We're In Cure Magazine


We're In Cure Magazine

hands-543593_640Elizabeth Whittington, Editor of Cure magazine, recently contacted me for help on a story about online support group for family caregivers.

I reached out to Linda (@goinhome) and @hussy to ask them to share their experiences with Elizabeth. They both readily agreed to share their stories and experiences, which you'll read in the story. I also added my thoughts about finding and receiving support online.

Read the article, Lining Up for Online Support, which appeared in the winter issue.

Thanks so much to Linda and Hussy!

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Tracey Martin

Great article. The following statement hit me like a ton of bricks.\r\n \"Be sure that you only write something that you are willing for them, and others you know, to see.”\r\nI blow of steam about not getting help from my siblings. I don't have another avenue to vent my frustration about this.


I so appreciated the opportunity to voice my opinions. Thanks, Denise!


Thank you for this experience! Great article.