We're Not Neglecting!


We're Not Neglecting!

er">headline about caregiving which makes me scream:

"Caregivers often neglect their own health and well-being."

This absolutely makes me crazy. This headline sounds like we're non-compliant, irresponsible adults who must be saved from ourselves.

It's not about neglecting our own health and well-being. It's not an intentional decision. It's not a choice.

Our reality means that we often lack the time and energy and opportunity to put the focus on our own heath that we want. The ongoing stress mean that daily exercise is just too much. The weight of the worries may mean we cannot sleep at night. The load of the responsibility may mean we simply run out of hours in the day. The struggle to navigate the health care system may mean we just cannot face another doctor's appointment, even if for ourselves.

It's not because of neglect.

It's because we don't have enough -- help, support and solutions.

The headline needs to be:

Because Others Don't Get It, Caregivers Don't Get Enough for Themselves

When others get it, we then have enough time, energy and opportunities.

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