We're Not Neglecting Our Own, We're Hyper-Focused on Another's


We're Not Neglecting Our Own, We're Hyper-Focused on Another's

On a regular basis, I write about the headlines I read about our caregiving experiences which make me grunt and grimace.

I saw another one this week which just makes me cringe: "Caregivers Neglect Their Health."

We're not neglecting! We are hyper-focused on the health of another because that health is so fragile that life could change in a minute. Because of this, we do what we can with what we have. Often, we just don't have enough -- resources, time, energy, support, help -- to mange it all.

We live with an immense responsibility. We keep that 24/7 responsibility when we sleep, when we work, when we run errands. Imagine what that must be like. Imagine how hard every other aspect of our life must be because we carry the weight of that responsibility all the time.

The definition of neglect, per dictionary.com, is:

  • to pay no attention or too little attention to; disregard or slight:

  • to be remiss in the care or treatment of:

  • to omit, through indifference or carelessness:

  • to fail to carry out or perform (orders, duties, etc.).

We are paying attention to our health. It's impossible for me to ignore my weight gain during caregiving. I'm not remiss or omitting or failing. I'm doing my best to make good choices, to prioritize, to receive help, to delegate, to research, to plan. This all takes time and sometimes it takes all my energy. We're not neglecting -- we're just short on resources. When you write your headline, please use words that honor us. We deserve it.

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