We're Not Silent, You Just Can't Hear Our Screams


We're Not Silent, You Just Can't Hear Our Screams

I saw another headline earlier this week which referred to those who care for a family member as a "silent army."

This reference makes me want to get on the soap box, grab the bull horn and just shout the truth.

We're not silent; others just aren't around to hear our screams.

We're alone in our office cube, after our co-workers have gone home, yelling at the insurance company who denied a much-needed supply or treatment for our caree.

We're alone in the house when we're screaming from frustration that we need a service provider to actually help rather than complicate.

We're alone in the hospital when we're shouting to the charge nurse that our caree has been waiting too long for help.

We're alone in the bathroom when we bellow for help because of our caree's fall.

We're alone in our bedroom when we're sobbing because of what we endure and what we witness our caree endure.

We're not silent. We're very busy giving our lungs a regular work-out. It's just that you are going about your life while we're left with our screams.

What makes you scream?

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Yes <a class='bp-suggestions-mention' href='https://www.caregiving.com/members/lynettewhiteman/' rel='nofollow'>@lynettewhiteman</a>! So well said!


I,ll be 69 in a month ,I cared for my sweet Mom who had diabetes and alzheimer's in my home her last eight years while running my own business and managing my own illness I,m bipolar. at that time my husband was my rock. Now Mom has passed as have all my siblings and my rock of thirty years has Alzheimer,s. I still work and I,m still bipolar only now i have no support and no one to talk to.

Professor Cob

All of it is true and my post today follows the same thing. We, as caregivers, have an invisible disability that others just do not see.