What a Grueling Day Today

Today was my appointment with the new cardiologist. I got there at 8:15 for my appointment and was taken fairly quickly. I explained to the doctor about my previous bout with Bradycardia and started to cry. He told me that he did not think I needed a pacemaker and that it sounded more like anxiety (what a shock).

He also told me that in order to figure out what was going on, I needed to have some tests done. I wasn't prepared for any of this today and even told the doctor that I would come back another time and he said "this is your health just do it" and I listened for once. I am so used to putting everyone else's needs ahead of mine that I never say yes to anything that concerns my health. The tests took five hours total.

I had to go through and EKG, a sonogram and a stress test. They wanted to do a carotid artery test and a nerve test but I told them I didn't think that was something that needed to be done now. The three that I did already took five hours!

Now I have taken a stress test before but never have I ever taken a Thalium test and I hope to never again! That thing is painful plus you have to sit with a needle on the top of your hand for hours! I wanted to scream! It got so bad that I almost passed out from the dye and I had to go into another room. In between the time that they were getting the results they told me to go across the street and eat and come back in a 1/2 hour. With said needle still in hand I walked across the street, got a sandwich and a soda. Since the needle was in my right hand and I am a righty, I couldn't grasp the soda so of course it spilled on the floor :)...now everyone is looking at me wondering why I have this thing in my hand. It was so embarrassing.

To make a long story short, the technician said the Thalium test looked good. The stress test, the technician said I did very well and my heart rate (which she said was 55 YAY!).

End result is I came home wearing a fancy schmancy halter monitor (my new fashion accessory for 24 hours) and am waiting the results from the lab work which should take awhile to get back unless they find something.  The doctor did tell me he wanted me to take something for the anxiety. I hate taking medication and I told the doctor this...he said GET OVER IT! Many years ago a doctor prescribed Paxil for me to calm down and I took it for a few days and felt horrible and stopped. I agree I probably need something to adjust to all this stress in my life but I wish there was another way to do it.  According to the doctor, I won't start to feel this working for at least a month. UGH.

I guess if that's the only thing I have to worry about and everything else comes back negative, I will deal with it!

P.S. Yes, I feel so much better for the past two days with no ex stress. :)

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