What a Week


What a Week

I would like to have just one week that everything is going the way it should. I am still not over my cold and I think I have walking pneumonia. I haven't felt like doing anything, I do something and wear myself out. They gave me some medicine that isn't working. M

y husband leaves tomorrow to go to NC for a week-long break from here; he deserves it. I will have my granddaughter and Mom here. Should be a fun week. I think Mom enjoys giving me a hard time about my granddaughter. Her grandson is acting up and he is almost 6 and my granddaughter is 3. My mom at time becomes a bitter old lady. She can be a pain in my butt. They are changing our CNA again but I am getting my information third hand, which I don't like at all because the third person is my daughter-in-law who works for the same company.

Now I have a different subject. I have read about how our slang language changes through our life. As a teenager I spoke one way, then I entered the Army world and for 20 years I learned their slang. When I retired I had hard time and I entered the civilian world of car business. For the longest time when I saw SOP I thought it meant Standing Operation Plan as did in the army. But in car business it means Special Order Part. It took me a couple years to figure that out. Then I walk into the medical world and of course they have their language and how they do things. If you don't do it right you spend wasteful hours trying to figure it out. We took care of our grandmother from 1999 until 2002 and at that time I never knew the right question to ask when I need back then. Both of us were working back then and I was in better help. But we are learning to ask questions.

Oh well another day tomorrow except without my hubby. I will survive this too.

Have a great week.

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Oh, it's awful when the flu/cold drags on and on. \r\n\r\nWhen will you find about the CNA change?\r\n\r\nI hope today finds you feeling better. Thanks for keeping us posted.