What Did You Learn from Dad?


What Did You Learn from Dad?

400px-ISTHA-roads-mapHappy Father's Day!

In celebration of Father's Day, let's share what we learned from Dad.

My brother, Tim, played summer baseball when were kids and I loved to watch his games. Often, it was my dad and I in the car driving throughout the Chicago suburbs to the games. My dad has a terrible sense of direction, so I'd sit in the front seat, map in my lap, and direct my dad to our location. Now, this was not really an easy task as I was only between the ages of 11 and 13 and my dad had (still has to some extent) a horrible temper. One wrong turn and a good day could go downhill fast.

My dad had a difficult childhood (hence the temper) but he never feels sorry for himself. He moves through life without taking time for self-pity or woe-is-me. He did the best he could with what he had to make a good life for himself, for my mom and for myself and my four siblings.

So, I learned how to read a map, stay calm during stressful situations and work through my nerves. I also learned (am still learning) to continue.

What did you learn from you dad? Please share in our comments section, below.

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Hi--I forgot about what another lesson learned:\r\n\r\nSpeak up about the wrongs in world. My dad has written more Letters to Editor and sent more emails to the White House and his Senators/Congresspersons than I can count. He believes we all need to speak out and up against what's not right. :)