What If... A Tweet Broke Bureaucracy


What If... A Tweet Broke Bureaucracy

scissors-440507_640The story shared by @justjenski, who wants to move her move from Wisconsin to Arizona but is running into bureaucratic nightmares, made me think--again--about the lack of customer service from our government programs.

When I'm upset and frustrated with services I use, I take to Twitter and Facebook to complain. I've already exhausted other options--I've contacted customer service and repeatedly asked for help.

Escalating my complaints to social media works. Companies respond to customer service issues when the issues go public.

Wouldn't it be great if you could do the same with Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security and any other government program? What if the U.S. government had a customer service department that you could contact when the red tape builds so much you could use it to build a house in your background? What if you could tweet something like, "Hey @USCustomerService!! I can't get the help I need for my mom because of your red tape! Help!!" After sending your tweet, a U.S. customer service rep responds with his/her phone number and a promise to help. And, then you get help because the U.S. customer service department cuts the red tape.

Wouldn't that be great?

P.S. Check out a comment from @Bootsie on this post, "Has Social Media Helped You Get Better Care?" She sent a tweet to a politician and got the help she needed.

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I haven't had to use social media but have THREATENED to do it a number of times and that was all it took. Once my mother wrote a check for my daughter and it was stolen and cashed. The bank refused to stand behind their stop-payment policy, and they had put a stop-payment on the wrong account. It was their error but refused to correct it. I wrote the president and threatened social media and telling everyone in my mother's community about the poor customer service. It was resolved that day. Companies are scared to death of social media. Just act like you know what you're doing.