What Message About Caregiving Do You Want Me to Bring to Boston?


What Message About Caregiving Do You Want Me to Bring to Boston?

chalkboard-620316_640I'm heading to Boston today to present tomorrow at "Our Aging Market: Why Businesses Need to Respond," an event sponsored by Harvard Business School Association of Boston.

I'll be sharing thoughts about the family caregiver experience and positioning you as both consumers and employees of attendees. With that in mind, I'd love to know the messages you'd like me to bring to Boston.

Tell me:

  • As a consumer of products and services, what do you want companies to know about products and services you need?

  • As an employee, what do you want employers to know about your value?

Feel free to share your thoughts in our comments section, below. And, I'll share a recap of tomorrow's event next week.

(I'll be traveling today and holding a Wellness Fair for Those Who Care™ tomorrow in Shirley, Mass, with the help of @thedogmama. I'll miss our daily chats today and tomorrow but will ensure the site runs smoothly and content gets posted as quickly as possible.)

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Lillie Fuller

What they said!


The big problem I find with many companies is that they do not seem to care about access by their handicapped customers. Such things as having displays setup in aisles that make them less that 36 inches wide as required by ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and do not seem to care that the disabled can not get through to get the things they need or want. I find the more of a discount type establishment they are the worse they are about this but many handicapped need to shop at the discount places as they are of lower income status. As an employee of the disabled person I find most of these establishments seem to think you are a trouble maker when you point out the law to them or move something to get through an aisle when you are just advocating for your employer that you care about.