What Problem Will You Solve?


What Problem Will You Solve?

We all have one---that one problem (sometimes small, sometimes large) that we avoid. We see it, we know it's there, we know it needs our attention. So, instead we watch TV, or call a friend, or read a book, or just fidget.

But not today!

Today, we solve it.

We make the phone call, ask the question, find the receipt, make the decision, have it out, take the high road, begin the dialogue, commit to an action, start fresh, offer the apology or change our behavior.

In other words, today we do a little bit of weeding.

So, what problem will you solve?

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Partner was being very resistant to scheduling a follow-up MRI, afraid the contrast medium would harm her and the doctors would lie to her about it. I took matters into my own hands while she napped, called the MRI center, set up an appointment (usually my partner and I do that together), and spoke with someone who is willing to answer any and all questions she might have. My partner can be very angry when I force an issue like this, but so far she's been taking it in stride. *fingers crossed*


Yesterday, I tallied up medical expenses for my income tax. Today, I began sifting through things at home--something I had been avoiding.