What Seed Can You Plant for Your Future?


What Seed Can You Plant for Your Future?

eed can you plant which will bloom in your future? For instance, can you research a trip? Begin a business plan? Start an exercise program? Take a online class? Make online connections that can help with a career change?

It may seem like it’s on hold, but really it’s waiting. It’s also in need of your tending today. Your future needs you to be both healthy and prepared.

So, what seed will you plant today for your future?

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Chris MacLellan

\"It can seem, because of Caregiving, that your future is on hold.\" When I read that first line in your post Denise, I about fell out of the chair. While I have no regrets in my decision to take on the Caregiving role with Fr. Orlando, I had NO idea how that experience would put my future on hold. It has taken me SEVEN years to feel comfortable about writing about my Caregiving experience with him, but through the encouragement of people like yourself, EJ, Trish, Richard and of course, TLO I have started to plant the seed of healing from that experience by writing about it. It is through writing, that I leave the past and gain the future. So the seed I am planting right now with my writing of Fr. Orlando will allow me to get my future back!


I've been planting the seeds of quietude and contemplation.\r\n\r\nWe are currently in a place where it seems I can do only so much and my main role is as my partner's support. I've been in retreat in my own life, which feels right at this time, and have been reading, journal-writing, and communing with nature when I can. I believe I am planting the seeds of being more grounded.


Hi--I'm spending some today with the future--my niece and nephews. My younger sister has triplets (two boys and a girl) who just turned 14. They are on spring break this week so I'm going to their house for the afternoon. We'll have lunch and a meeting; I'm their sponsor for their upcoming Confirmation. We've been meeting roughly monthly for the past four months for what's called \"faith sharing.\" We talk about faith and how it applies to our daily life. \r\n\r\nSo, I guess I'm planting a few seeds today. :)