Whatcha Doin?


Whatcha Doin?

https://images.caregiving.com/unsafe/pr:small/plain/posts/f2174208-134c-42c0-ad37-8846e966c98b/love-600x600-e1455576539529.jpgI think I may need to invest in a security system. Not to keep people out, but to keep a certain someone in. This morning at 5 a.m. I found Hubby outside at the end of the walkway. Our dog, Lady aka Elvis to Hubby since he can never remember her name, woke me up whining. Thank goodness for Lady.

No telling how long he was out there but he was pleasantly surprised to see me at "these people's house." I seated him in the wheelchair and we stayed outside close to 15 minutes just talking about "these people's house" looks like ours including the old toolbox on the porch. And "will "these people care if we go inside?" I assured him nobody would care. Best part, I wasn't the least bit cranky! It was a miracle morning. :D

This is the first time he has actually left the house and I'm most surprised given the weakness he has and the mobility issues. I would have expected this at the start of his Lewy Body dementia journey, not so far into it.

If you've been keeping up, you know this is the flip side of the last few days. It's emotionally exhausting. Now I'm concerned about him getting outside and getting hurt without me knowing. UGH! Sonny Boy is giving me some ideas for our home. I have questions and he has suggestions.

Years ago, when we first realized we needed to care for his mother, she was diagnosed with dementia but we knew little to nothing about it. She too made efforts to leave the home and was successful a few times, not far just at the door, before we bought door alarms to alert us she was trying to open the door. Her mobility was fairly good though; she didn't need support or assistance to walk. Although she was slow she could at times be fast as lightning! Those little door alarms were great.

In other news: Not long after Hubby's diagnosis, Lewy Body had taken my starched and pressed and perfectly coiffed Hubby and stripped him of his desire to maintain his spit polished appearance. The home dress code is now just underclothing and socks. He is comfy like that and I don't force him to dress.

Yes, there is other news but you need the background for it.

Yesterday Hubby was taking his usual bathroom time. Meaning, he has no concept of time so he can just stay in the bathroom for very long stretches of time doing nothing. Eventually I go in to assist with whatever he needs help with. Sometimes I just give directions on how to get out.

Back to yesterday, I walked in to see what Hubby might need and proceeded to help when he informed me he had just been to someone's house. I didn't disagree with him. I just said, "Oh, yeah?" as I helped him get his underclothes on. Apparently, in his mind he travels to lots of places. This could explain his confusion about place. And as I was helping he said, "You know, I go to a lot of places without any pants on."

It was everything I had in me to keep from falling over in laughter so I just smiled really big and said, "It's okay. Nobody cares what you're wearing." Then I helped him into his wheelchair and settled him in bed.

I sure do love my Hubby!

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