What's Going Well for You Today?


What's Going Well for You Today?

i-love-hot-coffee-mdLast night, @trish and I co-hosted our every-other-week call-in show on Your Caregiving Journey, taking your calls in answer to this question: What's going well?

So, we are very grateful to those of you who called in and shared what went well for you yesterday: @gail, @jbones1961, @rainbow and @lisachod1265. We had so much fun hearing from you and connecting with you.

If you missed last night's show, please tell us in our comments section, below, what's going well for you. It could be that you got out of bed on time. That you're still making sense when you talk. That you were able to drink your coffee this morning while it was still hot. Your good news about your day can be as simple as that. Whatever your good news, we want to hear it.

For me, my good news is that first cup of hot coffee I had this morning. That really went well for me today. !!

Program Note: Our next call-in show airs on February 27 at 8 p.m. ET. @gail suggested our topic: What did you do for yourself today? Be prepared to call and in and share what you did just for you.

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I'm glad I worked up the courage to call. Thanks for the opportunity. I enjoyed it. I got some extra rest today.