What's the Best Caregiving Emotion?


What's the Best Caregiving Emotion?

smiley-237145_640Last week, we talked about the worst caregiving emotion.

This week, let's talk about the best caregiving emotion.

Is it pride in your ability to overcome and manage? Is it relief when a day goes better? Is it joy when you find someone else who understands? Is it love when you understand the importance of what you do?

In our comments section, below, please tell us the best caregiving emotion.

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My first thought is simply love because caregiving can foster that feeling. Maybe also pride in myself, when I feel like I'm doing the right thing even though it's hard.


Joy when you accomplish something that was had to overcome.


Love, with love you experience all the emotions. You can take the roller coaster ride that care-giving puts you on. Love helps you handle everything.


The combination of satisfaction and achievement. A really good day of mine is one that my actions, choices, and help were the best that not just I could do but the best that can be done no matter how specially trained the others may be. I have had conversations with nurses concerning my mom and a good many of them include me being asked if I'm a nurse because I sound like I am; being asked that has that combination of satisfaction and achievement. My answer is usually that I am hers and trained with her nursing needs, but concerning anyone else I am just a plain person.