What's Your Caregiving Personality?


What's Your Caregiving Personality?

As I mentioned yesterday (read It's a Long Climb Up the Caregiving Ladder), I attended a training in Milwaukee for an assessment tool to use with family caregivers. The researcher who developed the assessment tool also created categories of family caregivers based on their likelihood of placing their carees in a nursing home.

That kind of categorizing doesn't sit right with me so I began to think of the different personalities that come through during our caregiving experiences. After mulling this over for a few days, I came up with the following list of caregiving personalities*:

Advocate: You champion causes, whether they be yours, your caree's, the family caregiver's or all of them, and speak for those who can't.

Connector: You create a network of colleagues who do great work and make sure to nurture and share those connections to help others.

Diplomat: You effectively negotiate to get what you need and what within the caregiving systems (health care, workplace, family, community).

Entrepreneur: You can't find what you need and want so you create and build it yourself, whether it be a hack formed by duct tape or into an app.

Fighter: Your concern for sub-standard (care, rights, results) spurs you to fight for better.

Investor: You invest in the people, services, ideas, products and resources which best help you and your caree which brings out the best in you and in them.

Mentor: You've been through it so want others to experience better outcomes.

Organizer: You build teams and movements in your house, your caree's house, on Facebook, in your neighborhood.

Peacemaker: When the arguments begin, you step in to find common ground so everyone can agree on the compromise.

Phoenix: After losing it all, you regroup to become better.

Shepherd: When others lose faith, you bring the belief that they will be okay.

Story-Teller: You educate the systems (health care, workplace, family, community) to improve the experience for family caregivers and former family caregivers by collecting and sharing stories at events and conferences.

Supporter: You share words of encouragement as often and as much as you can which gives courage to others to continue.

Writer: You write and blog about your experiences to honor your story (and your caree) and so others know they aren't alone.

Which one (or ones) are you? Which personalities did I miss that you would you add to the list? Share your thoughts in our comments section, below.

*I originally posted 13 personalities, then stepped away to make my bed and thought of a 14th: Investor. As I update the list, I'll let you know which ones I've added.

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Advocate, Diplomat, Fighter, Entrepreneur & Shepherd


I think I am primarily a Diplomat, Shepard and Peacemaker, but have traits of all at depending on the needs/emotions of the moment.