What's Your Choice?

Every day, we have a choice.

On Monday, on Your Caregiving Journey, Kristi Petersen Schoonover joined me for a follow-up to our November 5th show (The Story Always Gets Out). You can listen to our show via the player below.

Kristi began caring for her mom and her siblings at age eight, when her mom was diagnosed with cancer. During our show, we spoke about adding choice in a situation, like caregiving, that seems to choose you.

Kristi suggested adding a choice in your day about what you do for yourself. She also encouraged writing out what you feel, without worry about what those feelings sound like. She also said that we all have tough times and that we can't minimize or judge how tough a time feels to us. We can't compare our situation to another and we can't pretend we don't need our own support and care.

I'm curious: How do you give yourself choices during the day? Please share in our comments section, below.

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